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Grow Up And Be Great!
My Fantastic Hair!
My Oh My! I Have Gorgeous Eyes
Grow Up And Be Great!
My Fabulous Hair
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Putting together a team of children from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, hair textures, eye colours and personalities and calling them “ALL COOL”, so that each little valuable reader can find someone that looks similar to themselves in these books. Hoping they will be confident and proud of how they look and who they are. I hope and pray that our children will find validation, knowing that someone has written the words telling them that they are uniquely special.

Even if no one tells you that you are cool, if you believe that you are, then you are not only cool, but fantastic, gorgeous, and beautiful. Who you are now, What you enjoy, what you are good at, contributes to helping you grow up and be someone great!

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What Kids Say!

“Grow up and be great is my favourite book because I like to help my nan, mum and sister”

Omar – Age 5 Years Old

“I like “My Beautiful Skin” because I like to use organic creams and pamper myself”

Rihanna – Age 7 Years Old

“I really liked “My Fantastic Hair” it made me feel really good about myself and happy inside”

Shenae – Age 7 Years Old

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